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Principal Interview Questions in Pittsburgh, PA

In addition to serving as the educational and administrative head of a school, a principal acts as the public face and spokesperson. Employers will be looking for candidates who display strong communication skills, the ability to resolve issues among the staff, students, and their families, and a clear vision for a healthy learning environment. To excel in your interview, come prepared with examples of past conflicts you have successfully handled and ideas around how you would foster active learning situations.

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They used a set of questions provided by HR to determine how you thought through a problem

How can you positively impact the culture of a school?

tell us about a time you failed and how did you overcome it


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I was asked to invent a game and design an object to represent components of the game

This job may be a step down for you - why are you interested in it?

How about the big view of your role to the whole product (e.g., simulation)?

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