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We have m slots for ads and n ads, each ads will have different revenue on differnet slot, design an algorithm to find out the best fit (find m ads in n ads and order them so that they can make max money, white board coding) .

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It's a standard bipartite matching problem, aka assignment problem. Solutions are standard as well, but none of them are easy. They cannot be figured out during the interview, you just have to know them. These types of questions just make me wonder about those who ask those questions. What exactly do they test? How long have you been from college where you studied Ford-Fulkerson maximum flow algorithm, or Hungarian algorithm (both applicable to the problem)? Show me an interviewer who can answer this question, unless he or she specially prepared it for an interview, thus wasting his productive time at work? And, by the way, trying to use textbook algorithms for real life assignment problems would lead to the results that are mediocre at best. Commercial-strength packages have lots of optimizations for special cases of input data. For instance, the Linux qsort command uses 3 different sorting algorithms depending on the size of input data.

maybe the interviewers just want to test whether you realize (in reasonable) time that this is a non-trivial problem to solve.

If one add can go into multiple slots then this is a simple problem. For every slot you can check which add gives maximum revenue. It is of order (m*n). Then how many adds can one slot take? If one slot can take as many adds as possible then you can put all the adds into most profitable slots leaving some empty. Again a simple solution. If an add can only go into one slot and each slot can take only one add (m>=n), then it is a complicated problem. May be interviewer wants to see if you can separate those cases.

Name a time you failed.

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Leetcode medium - stack and hash map based

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If I had a disagreement with a fellow worker on how to solve a problem, what would I do?

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Recommendation for type of data access technology.

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tell me about yourself

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describe your oh sh*t moment

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Describe how a virtual method works?

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Behavioral type questions. Must use S.T.A.R format. They write down your responses. 4 behavioral questions at each interview station. Some tough questions were asked especially about past customer service and safety, not your "typical" behavior questions.

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You will likely be asked a brain teaser. It is not to see how smart you are, it is to determine how you solve problems.