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Red Hawk Casino Interviews in Placerville /  HQ: Placerville

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Marshall Medical Center Interviews in Placerville /  HQ: Placerville, CA

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Would you accept an hourly rate of under 12.00 per hour?

2 Answers

I would have to think about that.

you'll never see above $12 at AZ unless your mexican

One of the Board of Supervisors asked me what I was going to do to get him the electronic documents since he still had dial-up internet.

1 Answer

typical stuff

1 Answer

Ever done drugs, ever been convicted of a felony.

1 Answer

Lets say your in the dinign room and one resident wants to know what on tv tonight and then another grabs you and says she wants milk and another says they need to go to the bathroom. what do you do and in what order?

1 Answer

Please provide a example of when I provided excellent customer service?

1 Answer

What made you apply for this job?

1 Answer

What specific job title you are wanting. There are a lot of options you can push for in your initial contract but the recruiters usually don't do much for guiding you into a proper field.

They will ask you some simple basic questions like availability and etc

1 Answer
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