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Is there any thing that you'd like to share with me that you couldn't share with the Product Application Specialist Supervisors? All of the questions asked were behavioral questions and a few walk me through your resume questions.

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No. I wasn't really sure where the interviewer was leading me to with this question. However, it may have been relevant for someone who maybe had some issues that needed to accommodations to do the job.

Did they let you know that you didn't get the job? After onsite interview, I tried to follow up, never heard back, very frustrating.

Yes, I received a general email from HR stating I was not selected. However, I was told at the interview that there were 2 positions that they wanted to fill. So far they are still looking for someone.

How my experience matched the role?

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Asked about a time I disagreed with someone in a work setting and how the disagreement was resolved.

As I lived an hour away, there was a lot of concern about the commute and if I would tire of it.

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Corporate Recruiter as, "You had a seven month gap in your resume, why did you leave this company without another position lined up?"

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Where I wanted to be in 5 years

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They asked what my 5 year outlook was in working with them.

To explain the "blip in time" from 2009...four separate times...all due to the recession and its effect on unemployment. This should be a given but some companies want to third degree me over this.

Explain my experience with managing multiple locations

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