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How would you handle a differing opinion from another experienced Engineer.

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Let him explain his position in detail. Agree with as much as I can, using "I" statements, never using "I don't think YOU. . ." Additionally, I use alot of diagram detail to explain my positions, which proves confidence and most people are visual learners.

What is your greatest weakness?

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First interview was with some one who really have no knowledge about plant or data center system I mean field of study I.e chemist working on construction of data centers.LoL First phone interview call 1- How does a steam boiler work 2 what kind of water treatment used 3-How to optimize these systems Completely related and unrelated questions taking into account I’m a mechanical engineer. No complains here. Nice interview. Second phone interview after like 2.5 weeks, then the guy is sick then pushed another week. Things happen I understand. Second Phone interview, this guy was on something for sure like 🙃. Be aware this is a plant engineer position in a data center: 1- How doe a GFCI outlet works 2- what a voltage leading current circuit called 3-How does a VFD works 4- if you take an amp reading on one leg of a 3 phase motor and if u combined all three wires together and clamped them what are those readings LoL who the F would combine 3 wires. 5-what’s the out put signal of PLC called 6-if u have a blown fuse what’s and u took a voltage readings across when u have power, what would that reading be. 7- what’s the control voltage out of flow meter to connect to a PLC 8- if u have a 480v 3 phase with neutral leg and u measured between what is that voltage and Why 9- can we have VSD on 120v motor

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One age related question was "Went did you graduate from college?" Another was "How long have you owned a home?"

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Are you willing to relocate in the future?

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How many years experience in Telecom Engineering

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Would you be able to work on the weekends?

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How did you end up in Fort Wayne area?

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To describe what kind of contribution i would bring to the company (outside what am applying for). Difficult to answer granted i am already applying for a position i know and

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