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Do you have any experience

4 Answers

Did you get a job offer yet?

Not yet its been 3 days

I figured I guess they take a while to review after interview

Why do you want to work for energy transfer?

3 Answers

At atmospheric pressure, at what temperature in degrees celsius does water freeze? Many people get this wrong somehow.

3 Answers

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Has a previous employer ever treated you unfairly?

2 Answers

My knowledge and preferences relating to the job.

1 Answer

How would you deal with a co-worker who is not pulling their weight?

1 Answer

What does Conduct of Operations mean to you?

1 Answer

So what do you know about the company

1 Answer

My work history.

1 Answer

I worked on permanent night shift. I needed a hip replacement which healed recovered perfectly. I had to take off three months for recovery which they did not like and when the doctor let return to work on light duty they put a laborer with me to do the climbing of ladders.They accused me of not doing any work and were about to make me take off more time without pay when my doctor put me back in regular duty. Why?

1 Answer
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