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How would you handle a differing opinion from another experienced Engineer.

1 Answer

Let him explain his position in detail. Agree with as much as I can, using "I" statements, never using "I don't think YOU. . ." Additionally, I use alot of diagram detail to explain my positions, which proves confidence and most people are visual learners.

Tell me about a time where you came up with a innovative idea or practice and used it to achieve something in the work place. How did you go about applying it & what were the results?

How do you think this position can impact all students on campus?

Most questions were about past experiences as far as answering their questions.

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Why should I hire you over someone else?

1 Answer

I was asked about leadership experiences and How I gave feedback to my co workers.

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If a piece of equipment were to be malfunctioning what would you do?

How have you used logic in the past to solve a problem? Where, when and how?

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