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There were some good questions around networking (TCP/UDP) and CDN operations as well as HTTP fundamentals. There are some bright engineers at Limelight and its a pleasure to get good challenging questions.

Good questions around http headers and network stack

1) Walk us through, in full detail, _ALL_ of the steps of a webpage being displayed at a client's PC using a web browser. Breakdown all of the aspects of the client and what happens server-side. If proxies, load balancers or database platforms are involved, explain their part of the process as well. 2) Describe, in low-level detail, the DNS name resolution process - client and server-side. 3) Describe the differences between IMAP and POP3. 4) What ports and protocols are used for DNS, SMTP, SSL and Web services. 5) How would you limit the memory being allocated to a process on a Linux server? 6) Describe how GZIP works for websites, provide the pros and cons of using it. 7) Scenario: A JBoss / Weblogic app server tied to an external MySQL database server is suffering from application, memory and/or disk related issues. Where would you look first and describe each step on what it is you are looking for.

How do you deal with conflict and get a decision made?

Build an environment and describe which tools you would use.

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Asked me about my past project design, architecture, analytics used in the industrial automation area in power distribution - they asked me to give very specific project architecture details.

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