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LinkedList problem via Coderpad

2 Answers

Given a set of memory cards, determine whether they will work (and how well) on a given platform.

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You will need working knowledge of LAMP troubleshooting and general Unix commands. They use a lot of Tomcat so that may help to know about. "If a customer's website is down, walk me through the steps of finding out why." "What would you do if a VM was unresponsive to ping, but sister VM's were not?" I was also asked things such as, "What was a difficult customer interaction for you?" "What do you know about IPSoft?" "What do you know about the services we provide?" "Why do you think you're a good fit for this role?"

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rotate a unsigned char s by n bits

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Design an Url rate-limiter

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Given three tables - a question on joints. How to mount a disk in linux?

how would u maintain and test a desktop? Can u create a databse if u had to create one from scratch for the desktop?

Python: Wat is a generator? yeild? decorator? How would u format print in python?

How does the GIL affect parallelism in Ruby and Python (specifically the C interpreter versions.

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