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Lots of conversation around testing, BDD particularly.

Explain/Whiteboard how you would design a back-pressure sensitive system for a set of devices all talking to a single endpoint.

Given two problem sets, please write python scripts to solve them.

What options are there to integrate Salesforce to on-prem systems?

Write a Rake task to import 311 case data into a SQL database. The rake task should run everyday at 12:00am and import all new cases since last run.

"Let's architect something!" (really?) many boxes and arrows latter the young man was satisfied. Or - "Have you ever fired someone?" Yup, 10% of the thousand folks I've hired have not worked out. You?

What happens when you type in a browser and press enter.

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what is volatile? what is stack and heap and their difference? multi threading? hardware interrupts? array vs linked list? few questions about the project

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