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Take an int such has 123 and produce a string in the format "100+20+3" Use any language

Have you ever used ruby on rails.

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The most difficult part was the initial case study. Read FAST and prepare a cogent presentation. Otherwise you'll be left stumbling as the assessors ask increasingly difficult questions.

Mostly standard telephony terms and basic VoIP questions

Write a function to check if you can form a ransom note form a given magazine.

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2. Basic question like to print values according to divisibility.

1. I was given a table which includes few ids and values( they are the probability of generating each ids). Write a code to generate random ids .

The most difficult/interesting question I got was around systems design were you have to showcase that you understand the concepts of distributed and parallel computing, distributed synchronization, MapReduce framework, etc. But since these were skills required for the position, it wasn't very unexpected.

Class level diagram if you want to order a coffee/tea/hot chocolate in a kiosk. Database design too. Different beverage, different size, different cost etc.

String manipulation:reverse string, reverse words.