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What can Facebook do in order to improve and expand its user-base? (Particularly with the elderly.)

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I said something along the lines of simplifying Facebook's user interface.

To answer this question, it is important to understand two things: 1. Usability 2. Attractability. Any user would not use a product that he cannot use or he does not find attractive (and ofcourse the third one is economical, but since FB is free to use, this does not come into picture). Firstly, since elderly people are not used to computing or web browsing, it will be difficult for them to make the first contact. Now, you know the reason why Mark is promoting in developing countries...:). Computer literacy is the prime thing. So, who do you think will urge them to learn it. Their children or grandchildren. So, promote Facebook to younger generation to connect elderly so that they can spend their time connecting with other elderly and introduce a feature or a separate section of Facebook for elderly with instant login (can be discussed in depth). So, from the usability perspective, 1. get elderly to Facebook - promoting to younger generation asking them to help them take interest in computer literacy. 2. make Facebook for Elderly or some features which require easy login such as remember password for FB for elderly. From attractability perspective, get to know what attracts elderly by taking an offline survey. Inputs such as religion, spirituality, peace, meditation, yoga techniques, laughter clubs, online meetups, hangouts, feeds specific to elderly, politics, blogging, hair dyes, dentures, spectacles, hearing aids etc. Make it a one stop destination for all the needs of the elderly from recreation to ordering goods to entertainment to meetups etc.

There are a few very broad questions, so be prepared to with specific examples for everything listed as a skill needed.

Background based. Platform based. A few critical thinking questions