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What cartoon character are you?

3 Answers

i answered Barney Rubble. It got lots of laughs and was agreed that it was a great answer.

Hey, from reading your post I think we may have been at the same panel interview! We stood next to each other most of the time. I had interview with 3 department heads about 2 1/2 weeks later. Went VERY well and I was convinced i would be getting the job. Was told I'd be hearing from HR within a week...but so far...nothing. It's been over a month. Efforts to contact them have failed. They could at least send a generic email if you're no longer being considered.

Hi, I had to write an email to one of the managers and stated that it was unprofessional of them not to get back with me. The then responded that we were going to call you that day. Yeah right! They said they went with someone with more experience lol. I was in the business for 22 years, that's longer than the other applicant has been alive! Definitely a very bad organization to get involved with.

Describe an example where you provided excellent customer service.

Tell me about a time you had to deal with an irate customer and what did you do? Do you have children? How many do you have? .... <---- Don't answer this!!

what are 3 of your strengths and three weeknesses? describe a situation using each

If you could have a month of the year dedicated to you what would you call it and what month would it replace

Please list Zynga's Mottos and give an example of how you represented that in your past work experience.

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