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Engineering Interview Questions in Plymouth, MI


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"What did you do at your last job--and be SPECIFIC." And I do mean they got down to Brass Tacks! I knew my s*** so it was all good.

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I reeled off all the technical stuff I knew--6 years at NASA, previous research while pursuing MSEE, etc.

Specifics of requirements management software.

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Atomic structure of the tire and how it generates its braking/tractive forces

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Asked for technical references.

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Asked to explain my experience in recent development projects.

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talk about yourself, e.g. strength and weakness; go along with the team; most difficult task; multitask.

You live outside of a 50 mile radius. How will this affect your ability to be on time?

What is your previous experience

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What are your expectations for when this co-op is over?

What sort of CAD design work have you done?

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