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Why are you trying to get the CFA? It will be a distraction from this job.

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This blindsided me. I got pissed, took a minute, and then just explained how it is the ultimate designation and that if I was going to make it in financial services, I wanted to do so by knowing as much as possible about investments.

Me: Why do you play golf sir? Him/Her: I really enjoy playing golf actually. Me: that's exactly why I'm a CFA candidate. My entire life all I ever wanted to do was work in finance, I am so passionate about asset management and helping others. And as you may sit there and think it's pointless to study ethics - because no one has any right? Please understand that I'm pursuing the CFA designation not because I find studying tedious. I'm doing it because the topics greatly interest me. Or you could probably just say "Doesn't your family distract you from your job? Doesn't your fitness distract you from your job? No one is perfect, we all have distractions. It's how you choose to handle them and choose to perform despite a distraction that matters". I hope I'm not asked this question. I'd get ticked off and probably say something arrogant and shown the door.

In two words, what do you bring to the table?

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How will you contribute to the team

First interview was more informational and an opportunity for me to ask questions about the role(s). It was more of a conversation vs. a Q&A session. Why the financial planning industry?

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