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You show up to a burglary call, your partner gets shot and falls to the ground while the burglar runs away. What do you do?

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The answers i provided were scrutinized while the interviewers yelled at me and criticized my decisions. Eventually I said that I am not familiar with the policies and procedures but I am trainable and then I would be confident that I can take the appropriate action.

I would attend to my partner that has been shot. Once I have attended to my partner that has been shot, depending on how bad the situation is and If he needs medical attention. I would call it in as an officer down, suspect on the run, and I would try to give a brief description of the suspect so my fellow officers could apprehend the suspect.

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What knowledge did I have about the Clery Act?

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What is the role of computers in law enforcement reports?

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Name three things you consider as great customer service.

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Why do you feel this job is right for you?

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What would you do if you were the manager of a movie theater and some one called in a bomb threat?

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What would you do if your partner was shot.

3 Answers

What makes you qualified for this job.

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Name three things about yourself?

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Experience and education

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