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Police officer Interview Questions

Police officers play an integral role in maintaining peace and ensuring the safety, so employers will be looking for candidates with advanced communication skills and quick judgment. Come ready to discuss how you would diffuse conflict in an emergency as well as your knowledge of relevant laws. Be aware that police officers are often required to complete additional forms of assessment, such as passing a written examination, physical fitness and psychological test, and a background check.

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What knowledge did I have about the Clery Act?

2 Answers

I had no experience with the Clery Act and did not know how it affected law enforcement on a college campus.

The Clery Act applies to college campuses in regards to crimes that are associated with the college, regardless if they were on, next, or off campus. It requires colleges to distribute and educate people about crime on campus each year as a measure of prevention.

You show up to a burglary call, your partner gets shot and falls to the ground while the burglar runs away. What do you do?

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What is the role of computers in law enforcement reports?

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Name three things you consider as great customer service.

5 Answers

What makes you qualified for this job.

3 Answers

Experience and education

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Name three things about yourself?

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The interview was nothing short of an interrogation. As with any law-enforcement agency they will dive into your entire past history pretty much from birth to present date

2 Answers

What would you do if your partner was shot.

2 Answers

There are various questions when it comes to your integrity and criminal history. I recommend you are honest no matter what. They'll find out regardless, and they're far more forgiving if you are honest about any indiscretion, rather than try to lie about it.

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