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What makes you the best qualified candidate for the job

8 Answers

Mixture of motivation and experience.

Develop your orginization a best qualified person and buildup your manegment

Hi I have work in Africa for 10 years tow years in Togo and eight years in ghana as rejional director for direct aid. An NGO from Kuwait we dail with orphan built a school. Orphanage My name is Asaad khazaal WhatsApp 00233204310014 I live in iraq. Baghdad now Registers

Questions were fairly simple

4 Answers

On your last review tell me some thing you were ask to work on?

3 Answers

Q: Have you ever worked on ... topics?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work at YouTube?

2 Answers

Introduce yourself; Why do you think you're the best candidate for this position? What do you think are the biggest issues facing this organization? Describe a time you dealt with a challenge in the workplace and how did you overcome it?

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Describe an ethical situation you encountered in your work where you had to bring the matter to the attention of your supervisor or senior management. What was the outcome?

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What is an issue on which you have had to pivot as a policy manager?

3 Answers

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When is attrition from a sample not a problem

1 Answer

Who is the chairman of our committee?

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