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Questions were fairly simple

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How many interviews did you have for this position and did you have the background check email done on you? I am in the same situation and interviewed for this position also ....to date not one single word from recruiter or hiring manager.

I went on 2 interviews. One was with the hiring managers and one was with the head of operations manager. Yes they did send me an email about the background check but after a month when they send they I kept emailing the recruiter and she always said she will get back to me but never did. I then emailed the recruiter over here and she was saying they are delayed due to July 4th. About a couple days later I got an email sent to me basically saying I wasn't selected. After that long application and background check I thought I had it but after a month or so I realized that I should have heard back from them...The job is a joke and they are unorganized over there. Also someone told me there hire for that position internally a lot so they are wasting other people time from the outside.

I am in the same situation also. It's been about a month and still have not heard from anyone. They sent me the background check emailed as well. I tried emailing the hiring manager and all they said is "When I hear something I will get back to you!" Well its been well over a month and last night I received an email saying I wasn't selected. Complete waste of time! They shouldn't let it drag for that long without letting us know anything! This lets you know a lot about a company when they do things like that!

On your last review tell me some thing you were ask to work on?

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Do you feel you can handle reviewing child pornography materials and issues that arise as a member of the legal policy team?

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You have a law degree, why are you interested in legal policy when this will not lead you to a position on the legal team?

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Tell me about your experience with Portuguese?

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You suspended a clients account and the sales manager is complaining to you to reinstate the account because the client is one of the biggest google adwords client. The client was in violation of google policy. What do you tell the manager?

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What non work related thing would you love to do more of at work. The head of trust and safety has a weakness for excel spread sheets and while it's not her strong suit she loves the chance to integrate them. They're all about personality fit for on site interviews, and it's not clear that there's a really good way to prepare for that.

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there were not any difficult or unexpected questions just unexpected and unrealistic goals to be met every month. Insurance is very much a relationship business and it takes time to build the trust and get the information needed to give quotes from outside cold calling.

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