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Express Scripts Interviews in Port St. Lucie

www.express-scripts.com /  HQ: Saint Louis, MO

11 Interviews in Port St. Lucie (of 544) / Acquired by Cigna

3.1 Average

Chipotle Interviews in Port St. Lucie

www.chipotle.com /  HQ: Newport Beach, CA

11 Interviews in Port St. Lucie (of 3,456)

2.5 Easy

Convey Health Solutions Interviews in Port St. Lucie

www.conveyhealthsolutions.com /  HQ: Fort Lauderdale

11 Interviews in Port St. Lucie (of 47)

2.0 Easy

Interview Questions in Port St. Lucie

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How would you handle a very upset family member?

1 Answer

I would listen to their concerns and any issues that they have and I would assure them that I would correct the problem.

Why did you choose UA?

7 Answers

What’s your favorite color?

5 Answers

If you have several customers in line, one with you, etc etc what would you do?>

3 Answers

Scenario: "it's Black Friday, the store is busy and a mess. You have the duty of fixing the jeans but you have to welcome the customers coming in AND there's people trying to shoplift in because of it being hectic. How would you handle the situation?"

3 Answers

How would you convince a child to try a food that they don't like?

2 Answers

"Do you have silicon flowing in your veins?" (Not really difficult, just pointless)

2 Answers

What would you do with ano angry customer

2 Answers

Are you available on weekends and holidays?

2 Answers

Wanna work at J Mikes bro?

2 Answers
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