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You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

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Cut in half, stack, cut in half, stack, cut in half. All you have to worry about is the 45 degree rotation of one of the 4 pieces after the second cut. Blade can be kept in place, like a paper cutter, as to minimize the margin for error.

Slice it horizontally across the middle creating two equal halves top and bottom. Then simple two slice cross from above like normal.

Cut each slice into 3 slices. Then eat one of them.

If you had 100 million dollars to do whatever with it you like, what would you do? Would you invest it? If so, what would be your first trade?

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Tell me about the different asset classes that we, at Hall Capital Partners, invest in? Tell me what Hall Capital Partners does?

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Had to do some work on excel spreadsheet and a personality/IQ test

Excel task - creating spreadsheet with portfolio returns based on given information

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Walk me through your resume. What attracts you to this position? What do you understand the role to entail (this one's really important)? What skills are important for this job? Why are you interested in financial markets? What areas could you improve in? Have you ever failed at anything? What do you do on the weekend? An Excel test asking you to calculate returns on a client's portfolio over 3 quarters after a few changes to the portfolio, and standard percentage increases and decreases in individual securities contained in the portfolio. Word test asking you to read a memo, summarize it in 150 words and email the summary to a client. Also have lots of questions for them.

Name 5 corportations in the West coast and name their CEO, stock symbol, and current share price?

What are some leadership roles you have held. What is the toughest decision you have had to make in school or work? What would you say your greatest accomplishment is?

Asked about money market instruments such as repos

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