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Assistant Manager Interview Questions in Portland, OR

"Assistant managers are needed in every industry to provide leadership and management support. Employers are looking for candidates with strong teamwork and organizational skills. In an interview, be ready to discuss your leadership experience, conflict management abilities, and knowledge of the industry for which you are applying."

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Tell me a time when you had to deliver bad news to a supervisor?

2 Answers

Be sure to put a positive spin on this but still give an example that show good commenication skills and analytical thought

there are two major ways to deliver a bad news; direct method and good new-bad news methods. whatever method you choose ensure you show emphathy and great commmunication skill

What is the most embarassing thing about yourself?

1 Answer

Can you work until 1am on Mondays?

1 Answer

Have you ever had an issue with a co-worker?

1 Answer

Current business results and/or business knowledge. As a manger for PacSun you are expected to speak to the business. What unique quality would you bring to Pacific Sunwear?

2 Answers

Have you ever dealt with an angry, abusive customer or person in the store?

1 Answer

Do you have any experience or knowledge of store layouts, displays, set-ups?

1 Answer

What did i know about their product? (jeans, apparel, etc.)

What was your favorite/least favorite job and why

What is the effectiveness of direct vs. indirect marketing