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Bartender Interview Questions in Portland, OR

"When hiring bartenders, employers will look for candidates who perform well under pressure, excel at multitasking, and provide excellent customer service. You can expect an interview to consist mostly of behavioral questions such as �What would you do with a patron who has had too many drinks?� or �How quickly can you make a cosmopolitan?� Some employers only hire bartenders who have attended a bartending school while other employers prefer to promote their barbacks and cocktail waitresses."

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Can you walk or talk. They ask no questions. No drug test. People of color, most likely they will not hire you.

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If you like to be discriminated, do not mind getting low tips and told that you CANNOT put any tips out. This job is for you. except if you are of color of over the age of 30. initially you will make money for awhile. And then they totally ignore you. Training is no more than 15 to 2o minutes and then they toss you onto the floor with little or no help and do not screw up. Because it is entirely YOUR fault. Been here for years and this is the 4th company in this facility and the worst yet. This is my last year here. yes I am bitter and am about to sue them for them flagrant violantion of way too many laws. So if you are a thrill seeker and have lots of Xanax this is the job for you. Wear earplugs.( That they do provide for free.. for now) The noise in the place will make you lose your hearing.

why do you want to work here?

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Tell me about yourself.

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Are you familiar with the entire Brewing Process, mash to bottling?

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When the pressure is turned up and you find yourself in the weeds, what is your first step to get back on track?

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Tell me about yourself How would you handle an upset guest Why should we hire you

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