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Electrical Engineer Interview Questions in Portland, OR

"When entering an electrical engineering interview, be prepared to answer a lot of technical questions that will evaluate your problem-solving skills and fundamental understanding of engineering and physics. The precise questions you will be asked will depend heavily on the type of role you're applying for, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the company and its line of work ahead of time. To ace your interview, come ready to tackle behavioral questions your ability to excel on a team and manage difficult projects."

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Change the current mirror to a resistor for a diff amp. What is the result?

1 Answer

The opamp will be no more diff-2-single ended. Mismatch in the resistors introduce o/p offset voltage. would need common-mode feedback circuit to fix it. PSRR will be worse. Advantage: High speed ( similar to CML)

Tell me what you know about microcontrollers?

1 Answer

In basic terms what do transformers, relays, and circuit-breakers do?

Was are POTT schemes?

1 Answer

Prepare behavioral questions and be ready to give solid and realistic examples to justify answers.

2 Answers

What happens when a CT saturates, and can you explain the concept on a transformer equivalent circuit diagram?

1 Answer

They asked me to analyze and instrumentation amplifier.

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Have you used PowerWorld powerflow software? Describe your experience using powerflow software.

1 Answer

What does your ideal team or work group look like?