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Interview Questions in Portland

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Are you able to handle a very physical job, and living in small quarters.

9 Answers



Yes, I'm very Active. And I have small body mass.

If you are faced with multiple tasks, which would you prioritize first, second and third? Time sensative task, customer impact task or internal date and time sensative task.

2 Answers

You arrive to work at the start of your shift and notice work area has bodily fluids and small amounts of blood splatter; what do you do first?

1 Answer

I was asked what sort of projects and work interested me the most.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time you heard no over and over again, despite having a good rapport with the lead and how did you go about it?

1 Answer

How do you handle a support request from the CEO whose email is not functioning when you are already entrenched in another support issue that affects the whole company?

1 Answer

Only one tech question that wasn't a brain teaser- technical job related question was about line balance. There's 3 tools in a row with known stabilities. You know the second tool is very unstable but you need to meet demand.

1 Answer

How many years experience in Truck manufacturing?

1 Answer

What policy area would you consider your specialty?

Describe how you would adjust to a less collaborative work environment?

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