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Retail Store Manager Interview Questions in Portland, OR

"Retail store managers have many responsibilities including keeping increasing sales, handling displeased customers, and managing other employees. For this reason, retail store owners will be looking to hire individuals with great interpersonal skills and a proven history of increasing the profitability of retail stores. During an interview, expect to be given case studies about unsatisfied customers, underperforming employees, and other relevant scenarios."

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Tell me a time when you had to deliver bad news to a supervisor?

2 Answers

Be sure to put a positive spin on this but still give an example that show good commenication skills and analytical thought

there are two major ways to deliver a bad news; direct method and good new-bad news methods. whatever method you choose ensure you show emphathy and great commmunication skill

Tell them about a time you had to push a directive you didn't agree with.

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