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I was asked to provide minute technical details of an opportunity that I worked on very early in my career.

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I have 30 years of experience in the pre-sales space. The expectation that I would remember fine points of detail for something that transpired in the late 1980s was certainly unexpected and perhaps unreasonable. It is important to point out that this was not with the hiring manager but an unknown person in the organization, presumably a superior to the hiring manager, as I never got a full name nor a business card. I can only conclude that the interviewer was focusing on eliminating me from contention for the position rather than performing an assay of my entire work history as to how the breadth and depth of my background would indicate the contribution I could make to the organization. After flying me to NYC after a number of phone interviews, this was unexpected to say the least. Upon my request for feedback,it was refused in one case. The request after 5 hours of interviews was not unreasonable and the refusal bordered on unprofessional. In the other case I received what I considered conflicting explanations for my lack of suitability for the position. Perhaps I dodged a bullet.

How did you do your research?

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Why Workday

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How did we find you?

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How are we uniquely different from other solutions?

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Tell me about your past work experiences?

Are you willing to travel 2-3 nights per week? What are your career goals?

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Why do you think you best suit this role?

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What would be your process to engage a prospective customer met at a trade show?

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