Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

Being a preschool teacher demands a special kind of sensitivity and nurturing that is different from teaching other age groups. Expect employers to ask a lot of scenario questions, such as how you would cope with difficult parents or handle common child behaviors such as crying, temper tantrums, and hyperactivity. To stand out in your interview, it's advantageous to have specialized in early childhood education or be able to provide previous experiences with young children.

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Top Preschool Teacher Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top preschool teacher interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: If I were to walk into your classroom, what would I see?

How to answer: With this open-ended question, you can tell the interviewer about your teaching philosophy. Describe in detail how you build a productive environment. Consider discussing how you build group work into your students' days and how you foster open communication.

Question #2: How do you communicate with parents?

How to answer: Show the interviewer that you care about the school's community. Factors like language, age, and internet access may affect how you should best communicate with students' caretakers. Share plans to use letters, phone calls, a portal, or other tools. You can also use this time to share an anecdote of a time you successfully handled conflict with a parent.

Question #3: How do you stay organized and get your tasks done on top of managing a classroom?

How to answer: Organization is crucial for teachers. It's important that you show your ability to manage your time effectively. Refer to specific organizational tools you use, like to-do lists and reminders.

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The Learning Experience
Preschool Teacher was asked...July 29, 2015

In my experience how do I keep the children engaged, and follow curriculum.

1 Answers

There are a lot of tricks I use to keep the attention of the children throughout the day- I must always be in charge, make learning fun, find clever way to keep their attention, and redirect if needed. Less

Just Kidding Around Daycare

How would you handle a child biting another child?

1 Answers

remove injured child, wash area with soap and water, ice pack, then write an incident report. Remind children that teeth are for eating, never for biting friends. Less

JCC Association

How would you calm a new mother who has to leave her child for the first time?

1 Answers

I would be as empathetic as possible, and reassure her that it is natural to be anxious about being away from her child. I would encourage her to watch her child's interaction in the class environment for a few minutes from the window outside the door, so she isn't directly in the classroom but gaining comfort with how her child is being involved in the class, and meeting peers. I would recommend to her to try this and communicate how she feels about it all over the course of a couple days (even a week), and to keep open lines of dialogue. Less

Hopkins House Association

How do you deal with difficult parents?

1 Answers

I listen to their concerns and figure out what I can do to make the situation better. Less

Children’s Paradise Preschool

Would you be okay with the commute?

4 Answers


I live in west Monroe

I’ve raised all of my cousins and have a 3 year old lil girl that is my world

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Children's Learning Adventure

What made you pick childcare?

3 Answers

Wanting to teach the children of our future.

To help support development early learning. -Harriet D.Davis-Palatka,Fl

To make a difference in children’s (and their families’!) lives ... to be a positive role model ... support them towards positive and healthy development & learning Less

Do you have credentials? CPR training? any experience in childcare?

2 Answers

Yes to all three

Yes to all three, my paperwork got destroyed in a house fire

Children's Learning Center

How would you handle a difficult child?

2 Answers

from experience take the time to get to know the child and make clear what you expect and give incentives such as a sticker system to do it Less

from experience you need to take the time to get to know the child, what they like and don't like. I tried doing this with closing circle where I asked about what they liked and didn't like during the day. I also find out that using incentives helps in getting the child to do what's asked Less

KinderCare Learning Centers

What happens if you see a co-teacher doing something wrong?

2 Answers

Report to managment

You immediately report it to the director. Kinder Care policy states that if you see something happen and you don't report it you can be held accountable as well, and lose you job as well as the co-teacher. Less

The Goddard School

Where do you see yourself in five years?

2 Answers

I see me in five years to now working here, as a great teacher growing up with this wonderful school as a professional and human begin. Less

Working as a preschool teacher, making a difference in children’s and families’ lives, and continuing to build my professional development Less

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