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WOuld you be stong to get the answers from the managers involved?

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The fist question asked was "Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to take the responsibility for a problem that you did not cause?"

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What would you do if an employee was gossiping and backstabbing you? (This made me feel like this wasn't the type of place I should work at, but the job market isn't great at the moment).

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Do you want the job as Pricing Coordinator...because that was the only question I was ask.

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I was most often asked morality questions,. One in particular was rather funny to me; What would you do if you found out one of your friends stole from the store. I had to reply that that would not happen, my friends are above reproach!

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Tell me about a time you solved a problem in the workplace and how did it turn out?

Tell me about a time you missed a deadline and how did it turn out?

There weren't many difficult questions; the hardest one was "If there is a problem with a customer or another employee how would you handle the situation?"

There were at lease 15 questions that were similar. 1. Describe one of the most stressful interactions you've had with an internal/external customer. How did you deal with the situation? 2. Talk about a time when you overcommitted yourself or your company. What happened? 3. Talk about something you've done to encourage coworkers to take responsibility for improving their work standards.

Describe a time when you had difficulty overcoming a challenge and what steps did you take to overcome it.

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