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Tons of behavioral questions encountered in the whole process- What would you do if there was a problem within your team etc..

2 Answers

I answered as practiced earlier. Added a relevant example about how I have handled a similar issue in the past. They like to see concrete evidence of the sort.

Can you please provide some more questions asked and if there were any technical questions asked too?

When can you start

1 Answer

how do u multi task

1 Answer

Describe a time when you took initiative during a difficult task.

1 Answer

Customer service scenarios. How I would or how I had reacted in certain scenarios. What experience I had merchandising.

1 Answer

where do you see yourself in 10 years?

1 Answer

your 3 greatest flaws, your biggest failure

1 Answer

One difficult one was- How do you take charge of your learning?

1 Answer

How to you handle stress? Biggest failure and accomplishment? 5 year goal? Why did you choose this job?

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