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Bloomberg L.P. Interviews in Princeton /  HQ: New York, NY

74 Interviews in Princeton (of 4,972)

2.9 Average

Bristol-Myers Squibb Interviews in Princeton /  HQ: New York, NY

50 Interviews in Princeton (of 388)

3.1 Average

Princeton University Interviews in Princeton /  HQ: Princeton, NJ

48 Interviews in Princeton (of 89)

2.5 Easy

Interview Questions in Princeton

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What was a time you handled a difficult client?

2 Answers

Explain a time where you had to be a team player?

I provided an example of a time when a customer was very frustrated that there was a hole in the shirt she had bought. I was able to speak calmly with her and offer her a full refund, which seemed to diffuse the situation.

A survey is given to all passengers on a number of different planes. The survey asks each person how full their plane was. The people answer honestly. If 50% of people claim that their plane was 80% full, while the other 50% claim that their plane was 20% full, how full was the average plane?

2 Answers

Is your husband ok with you taking this role?

2 Answers

Do you think you're qualified for this job

1 Answer

Behavioral questions such as "What would you do in certain situations." They wanted very detailed responses.

1 Answer

To describe a specific experience where I demonstrated problem solving skills.

1 Answer

McMaster-Carr does not list product brand names on the website. Why do you think this is?

1 Answer

Group Interview

1 Answer

What you can contribute to the team?

1 Answer

Will you be able to make the commute here on a daily basis?

1 Answer
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