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Principal Architect was asked...April 19, 2018

Nothing noteworthy, Questions can range from AWS to DevOps pipeline, consultative approach to strategy. Their interviewers will be all over the technology and consultative map so be ready!!! Random and specific technologie questions are designed to eliminate, not include

2 Answers

"Minor deficiencies in your skills will be the rationale to eliminate you!" - That's absolutely ridiculous, if the role was mostly sales and there was a proven record of generating revenue, why spend so much time energy and effort on a minor gap technically. If you were 95% there technically the balance can be remediated, it seems they're looking for the magic unicorn or wasting your time. You might have dodged a bullet if no one could qualify the billable hours & their talent people are not aligned with the decision makers Less

Minor deficiencies in your skills will be the rationale to eliminate you!


Describe the limited resources on a mobile device.

2 Answers

I listed as many of them as I could think of and forgot probably the most important one, which was the battery. Less

Memory (RAM), Battery, Storage, Bandwidth, & Screen Size (assuming it has one). One could argue CPU as well, but that is less so these days, although a designer of a mobile device needs to balance all of these resources against battery life. Less


Create a project plan for a specified project

1 Answers

Create the plan in Excel or Project. Present it via PowerPoint.

Agiledge Process Solutions

What are the Adapter, Decorator, Bridge, Builder, State Design Patterns?

1 Answers

Was Not Sure of the Bridge, Builder Patterns - But Answered the Other Questions!


Explain your cloud experience

1 Answers

Provided insights on how I had worked with the Cloud

Acadian Asset Management

how would you move files from on prem to S3?

1 Answers

You can talk about a public VIF or EC2 host transitions or even some of the software products. Whatever way you are comfortable with should meet the question requirements. Less


how can you contribute to this company?

1 Answers

by using my knowledge and experience from a lot of previous start up companies I've joined to provide the most feasible technical solutions that can give the most impact within the shortest development time Less


Please share you view on cloud computing.

1 Answers

Probably want to see how much you know about their product Exadata.


how to approach transforming a monolithic to microservices?

1 Answers

- Align the team knowledge and management method: Microservices architectures require a high coordination of knowledge and skills and need organizations that allow this coordination. - Divide and conquer: Either split the presentation layer from the business logic and data access layers or extract a module from existing monolithic app. A strangler application is a good approach to start with. - Test, and try again: One of the benefits of microservices is it's easier for incremental improvement, building a CI/CD solution along with it will save you time for testing and perfect it. Less


What are the successes and challenges you’ve had performing similar roles to this in the past?

1 Answers

Told real life experience stories about successes and challenges I’ve had and was honest about what I learned when I had challenges. Less

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