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I can't remember any specific question that was difficult. The trick is in understanding how to respond to the problem solving questions

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I would advice experienced hires to not get too caught up in the books and templates and frameworks. Use common sense in answering the question, focus on relating to the interviewer. Offcourse, preparation is very necessary but don't look for rigid formulas. There aren't any.

Know which industry you are interested in, and drive home the point to focus your efforts on one.

I was asked multiple times to tell them about myself and what I currently do.

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none I particularly remember other than focusing on my abilities

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Describe a balance sheet and other financial statements

There were no difficult or unexpected questions rather I thought it was odd how hard the HR manager was selling AIP's benefits. During my first phone interview the HR manager very excitedly told me that they could offer me the same salary I'm currently making. Also, I was surprised when she told me that AIP was not like corporate America - you didn't move up until someone left.

What is your knowledge of the securities industry

Tell me about a time when you had to work through disagreements.

No unexpected questions, questions are very specific and responses are required to be very detailed and thorough.

Can you tell me about a time you had a different opinion with a boss on how to solve a problem?

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