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None ...I didn't get a technical interview at all. A consulting companies job is to put qualified candidates in front of the customer. My customer did not interview me at all.

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If you are in a niche position nobody knows enough about the technology to ask you a question. Your resume tells the story... a sequence of responsible positions in which you performed well.

Pick the top 100 numbers from an incoming list of 10000 number and print the top 100 in ranking from largest to smallest.

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what is SQL DBA Funtions

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The most difficult part was a 45-minute "test" during which I was to complete as much as I could.

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Explain parts of WSDL

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Client says they need a new CMS. What do you do?

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general questions about the resume. previous project, what do i want to work on and my skillset.

What is the most difficult technical challenge you have worked on?

You're 2 days away from the end of the sprint, your team says they can't be dev complete. What do you do?

A major bug is reported in Production. What would you do?

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