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1. Describe the OSI model layers and explain in details how it works and how it is used for troubleshooting.?

2 Answers

The OSI model is a networking concept. It consists of a number of discrete layers that perform different service, with each layer interacting on the layer above and below it. The OSI layer consists, from bottom to top, of the following layers: 1. Application layer 2. Presentation - how does is the data represented. 3. Session - how do you keep track of the state of the communications between devices 4. Network - identifies the devices on the network 5. Transport - how the data gets transmitted between devices. Also deals with ensure data is reliably transported, also if data is fragmented it ensure that it is reassembled in the correct order 6. Data-link - low level details on how to communicate with the network devices used for network comms 7. Physical - the actual physical hardware The OSI layer is *critical* in understanding how to troubleshoot network comms problems. As each layer deals with seperate issues, but relies on the layer below a good network troubleshooter will "walk the layers" when trying to troubleshoot a problem. For instance, if a network card is losing comms intermittently due to a NIC failure, there's no point trying to work out why the TCP MTU is wrong!

You transposed layers 4 and 5 of the OSI model (i.e Transport (TCP) layer is higher on the stack than Network (IP) layer). The definitions are still correct.

The VCR Plus feature was described. In the TV programming guide each program/show/movie had its own code. When user wanted to program the VCR to record a particular show she just had to enter the program code from the guide - no need to enter the start and end time. I was asked to design this feature. How can it be achieved?

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I was given a code exercise during the onsite interview. The questions are not very difficult and just unexpected. Also, some of questions themselves are not correct and I need correct the questions before answering them.

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what did you do before?

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I don't want to disclose it: now I am on the interview cohort (see below) and ask these questions myself :). But think of a moderately complex algorithmic problem that you need to code on a whiteboard. the same kind and level that Microsoft asks in their interviews (done a few of those).

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What is your biggest weakness?

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They provided me a computer and informed the current problem they are facing. You have been given 15 minutes time to think of, followed by explain you approach.

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How about the big view of your role to the whole product (e.g., simulation)?

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how much money do you require?

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Nothing too difficult

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