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Case interviews centered around business strategy, profitability, & breakeven points. My three questions revolved around CC insurance, Customer Service Outsourcing, and a University CC program.

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All questions required me to discuss the logic and strategy of various decisions and then as we got deeper into the questions more math was required. All cases have multiple soon as you think you have the "answer" more questions come that ask you to build on the preceding parts of the case. . For 2 cases the data was provided for me. For one case, I was given the case and then asked what questions I would ask to get data. After I asked the questions, data was provided and I could begin "solving" the problem. Advice: Talk through the logic so the interviewer understands your thought process. This is the best way for them to help keep you on track. When unsure of the logic, ask questions. From what I was told, this is embedded in the culture at Capital One. The company is big and people move around a lot. When solving problems on the job, employees must use each other to get information. I feel like the interviews are designed to make sure candidates are not only smart enough to solve problems but also humble enough to ask for help.

Most difficult questions are those that have a negative focus, e.g. tell me a time when you failed to meet a deliverable etc. The questions were required to be in STAR format, e.g. answer the question as if you're telling a story, starting with the situation/task, action you took, and result based on your actions.

Describe one case: if somebody gives you a sales and margin data sheet, how would you approach it?

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Tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult business partner and how did you overcome it?

Tell me about a time when you had to challenge the organization.

Tell me about a time when you had to convince someone of your view.

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