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Principal Interview Questions

In addition to serving as the educational and administrative head of a school, a principal acts as the public face and spokesperson. Employers will be looking for candidates who display strong communication skills, the ability to resolve issues among the staff, students, and their families, and a clear vision for a healthy learning environment. To excel in your interview, come prepared with examples of past conflicts you have successfully handled and ideas around how you would foster active learning situations.

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Scenario questions. You have a mad parent coming in about a teacher. How would you proceed?

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Assistant principals are responsible are expected to handle emotionally charged situations with calm and steady confidence. Take time to listen to the angry parent, evaluate the root causes of the issue, and try to find a rational solution that alleviates tension.

How do you handle discipline and motivate children?

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If John Locke from lost was running for president of the island what would be his campaign slogan.

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The VCR Plus feature was described. In the TV programming guide each program/show/movie had its own code. When user wanted to program the VCR to record a particular show she just had to enter the program code from the guide - no need to enter the start and end time. I was asked to design this feature. How can it be achieved?

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Lots of behavioral questions that map directly onto their leadership values

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Various low level questions about SQL, probability theory, Python. Practical application of knowledge - this is a business problem we had, how would you design a solution? etc.

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Print unique strings in a array.

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What is IIS

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"Can you just sign here, please?"

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there really were none.

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