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Design a vending machine(Open System Design Question)

For the architectural question, I was asked: "How would you start architecting a Netflix clone?"

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Nothing challenging, very basic javascript and ruby questions.

Number of behavior questions to gauge your fit in the culture. Expected technical questions at that level which include previous work and some details related to technical aspects faced at Salesforce

These spanned basic OO Concepts, couple of Algorithm/Data structure coding exercises with intermediate level difficulty. There were some system design/architecture questions around the past experiences which were interesting and probably more relevant to the job. The interviewers shared further insights on the position as well.

The technical interview was one of the better ones. Rather than being forced to produce instantaneous results under a microscope on the spot you are given time to review the questions and produce results that come up in the next 1:1 interview.

The CEO wants to know how you handle conflict. Which is never a straight forward question or answer since conflict comes in many forms and is managed in different ways.

What i wrote above - will you accept a senior position while interviewing for a principal position!

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