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Principal Systems Engineer was asked...February 29, 2016

Reason for job change

2 Answers

My previous company was acquired by a company so I was not sure about my employment in future Less

There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully Broadcom Principal Systems Engineer experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. Less

Raytheon Technologies

I receive an email from multitudes of their various recruiters, "We're in need of many engineers. Are you available?" And after I respond, their communications go dead. I'm left to wonder if they talk to each other and just how organized are they.

1 Answers

Yes. From there I do tell them I'm available and ask if there are any questions I can answer and reaffirm my contact information, that being my email address and phone number. Less

General Dynamics Information Technology

One question I was asked is if I was looking to be a manager as that is what I had done in my previous position at a different company.

1 Answers

My answer was not at all (laughter followed by all). This kind of broke the ice. The thing was that the project already had a manager and I was looking to go back to a more technical position anyways. Less

Dell Technologies

What is the impressive design lesson learn and how to avoid it happen again? What is the impressive design achievement?

1 Answers

Perform RCA and come out the mitigation, contingency plan and lesson learn to share internal on workshop Less


Job responsibilities in previous job

1 Answers

as Atlassian system admin, I was responsible for managing atlassian applications


None ...I didn't get a technical interview at all. A consulting companies job is to put qualified candidates in front of the customer. My customer did not interview me at all.

1 Answers

If you are in a niche position nobody knows enough about the technology to ask you a question. Your resume tells the story... a sequence of responsible positions in which you performed well. Less


Would I relocate to the Bay Area?

1 Answers

I was not in a position to relocate.

Elbit Systems of America

No gotcha questions, or Myers-Briggs psychoanalysis mumbo jumbo. They just asked direct questions to be sure I had knowledge, passion, and ideas relative to the Systems Engineering skills they needed.

1 Answers

Culture was really important to them, once I cleared the technical proficiency hurdles. They also know I came from a big company and wanted to talk about a transition to a smaller defense firm. Less


Complete an assignment to set up Jenkins.

1 Answers

Spent time researching Puppet online and configuring Jenkins successfully.

American Homes 4 Rent

They asked for access to my linked in and then proceeded to ask for salary information for all of my previous employers. They also wanted to understand why left each position for a new one over my entire career.

1 Answers

We had a multi-hour conversation about my job history. It was a fairly aggressive process by the interviewer, who was annoyed if I questioned anything in the process. It was like they thought they were doing me a massive favor by talking to me. I agreed to the interview to brush up on my interview skills. They turned the process into a combative approach that made me glad when the call was over. Less

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