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Would you purchase or build software for monitoring and reporting on specific aspects of the subscriber network?

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That depends on the segment of the network we want to monitor, the type of raw data available, the protocol used to acquire the data and the complexity of the reporting required. As I see it we have three options at least, buy off the shelf, use open source software or build in house. There are pros and cons to each choice in the areas of installation, configuration, maintenance and available features. There are also the financial aspects to address as all three choices impact the budget in different ways. What I have seen in the past is that companies are quick to buy software, but somehow forget that each software application requires some degree of internal personnel involved to bring it online and make the best use of it. Understanding what is needed and reaching some form of balance is key as is knowing at the outset that your requirements will change as your knowledge of the problem space matures so that you are factoring in some level of evolution over time.

Q: Tell me about yourself and briefly cover your experience.

Mostly general question about my background and whatever in my resume.

There are no trick questions as the company wants to keep it real with the intent and expectations, the interview process is not normal but does put focus on how good you are with people and if you answer a question that indicates you are service to self type then you should feel less confident about your chances.

Complete an assignment to set up Jenkins.

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We just talked about my resume. They asked me to give an example of which features to use in order to detect tanks in SAR images. They just want to know if you had some pre knowledge. 99% of time it was just chatting. I was asked about experience on my resume, my hobbies, why I want to move from the east coast to the west, etc.

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