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Antylia Scientific
Print Production Manager was asked...April 20, 2019

please tell us about your current day to day or weekly responsibilities

2 Answers

I detailed a typical week of work life.

Weird. How did they score an interview on a Saturday?

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How much experience do you have?

1 Answers

I had years of experience

Teacher Created Materials

Have I ever developed or created a work order/job order system?

1 Answers

I have but it only pertained to a smaller business, not one with a large warehouse. Less

Princess Cruise Lines

Nothing out of the ordinary. All questions related to employment history and approach to tasks and communications. Too many old standards, like "your three strengths" and "three weaknesses". Too text book.

1 Answers

Any one who's done any job search training will opt for the same answers.

Antylia Scientific

Please share an example of your negociation skills

1 Answers

I went through my process of sourcing and hiring external vendor partners

What production project proved difficult, and how did you overcome the issues it presented?

1 Answers

I described a large project I worked on in New Jersey that presented significant issues, explained how we overcame those issues, and delivered the job on deadline. Less

Mark IV Promotions

Do I have experience in attending press approvals

1 Answers

Yes a lot of experience.

Mark IV Promotions

Am I ok to travel the long distance from my home (1 hour in traffic)

1 Answers

Yes I always travel this much.


Experience in the field and projects that I had worked on recently.

1 Answers

Described my experience and recent projects.

Creative Circle

What is it that you are looking for? Full time, freelance?

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