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Describe why you’re right for this role.

1 Answer

Customer service background experience and sales experience in banking and retail.

Tell me about a time that you had to take your normal coaching or sales style and turn it around for someone who didn't fit.

1 Answer

Why do you think you are qualified to work with your director?

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They asked me about the size of my existing book of international clients only and how I would expect to prospect more clients

1 Answer

Tell me about a current event that interests you and why?

1 Answer

I have 5 qualified candidates. Why should I choose you?

1 Answer

Things that I enjoy doing outside of work

1 Answer

Most of the questions had to do with building a portfolio / dealing with culture differences / languages and knowledge of compliance and the business as such

1 Answer

How would you handle (example)?

1 Answer

they really focused on my qualifications for the job, no tricky "double meaning questions", very very straight forward

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