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Private Wealth Management Analyst Interview Questions


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If the interest rates go down, what happens to the value of a bond?

1 Answer

Bond Value goes higher to align yield with lower interest rates

Why did you choose your university?

2 Answers

Do you work better on a team or as an individual?

1 Answer

Why Morgan Stanley?

1 Answer

Why did you chose to study Econ?

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What skills and experiences can you bring to this position? As an investor what are the first things you look for in a private equity firm? How does M&A translate into private wealth management?

1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Why Goldman? 3. Why PWM? 4. Tell me about something that interests you in current events. 5. In PWM, team usually likes to see that candidate is a good fit for team and is genuinely interested in being on team long-term and working hard.

What motivated you to have such a great GPA

1 Answer

Tell me what's going on in the markets? How do you calculate the sharpe ratio? How would you invest $100M?

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