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Problem solving Interview Questions


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Problem solving Interview Questions

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Suppose you were to implement the dynamic spell checker in Word, you know the one that puts a squiggly line under misspelled words. The way it's observed working, it will flag a word immediately when it detects a misspelling. Start typing "Hell" and if you put an "i" instead of an "o", it will flag it. At a higher level, how would you implement this? What sort of data structures might you use? How would they be pieced together?

Give an example of a time you noticed something that was not getting done, that was outside your area, but that you still assumed the work and got it done. Follow-up: once you completed the job, how did you make sure it wouldn't happen again?

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Describe the project that you had the most trouble with. What would you have done differently?

Describe a situation in your current position which required you to utilize conflict resolution skills to diffuse.

Describe the project that you are most proud of. Why?

It was 6 months ago so nothing in particular stands out.

Typical interview questions for a recruiter. Not focused on metrics/past performance,achievements, more on how you solve problems. Totally fine to interview this way but doesn't give any credit for prior experiences.

Describe the most challenging situation you had to deal with regarding multiple reporting chains and subcontractor management, and how did you improve the situation?

"Coming out of college, how do you plan on managing the people you recruit for positions especially if there are problems at their individual work places going on at the same time?"

Describe your approach to problem solving.

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