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Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without perfect informantion.

1 Answer

Was in a foreign country and had to make a quick decision about where to live.

could you tell me the names of the submarines you had duty on?

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tell me what design programs you use?

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There were no questions asked about my professional history, no technical questions, or any interest in my background. They didn't even care to ask what I was currently doing or why I was leaving my job. The entire interview was centered around the work going on there and why I should work there. It seemed very much like they just needed engineering bodies to work on random projects.

How would you solve a pump cavitation issue?

Engineer walks in with 5-10 mini mechanical gun components asking me questions about it. How to draw pistol parts. What manufacture process to use this part. How to interpret drawing pistol parts.

What is net positive suction head?

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