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Process improvement Interview Questions

"As a process improvement specialist, it's your job to evaluate current practices and streamline processes to better achieve company objectives. In preparation for an interview, come ready to discuss examples of how your contributions in past jobs helped make measurable improvements to a team or product. Make sure to highlight your analytical skills and teamwork abilities."

Process improvement Interview Questions

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Why have you been unemployed for so long? *Note: Are you kidding me?

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I reminded them about the economy and mentioned that I was not alone in the fact that hardly anyone was able to obtain employment due to all the unemployed people in US today.

Thank you for the laugh today...what a question to ask with today's economy. It's just not the way it used to be. I have been on the hunt for months.

It's very difficult to find a good job that pays reasonable in today's economy. Seems companies want double the requirements for the job, yet are offering half the pay they offered 10 years ago. So it has taken a while to find a company willing to pay a good salary for my experience.

There were no unexpected questions since I was considered an expert in helping organizations with enterprise-wide organizational changes. However, I received questions surrounding dealing with organizations or people with hidden or different agendas, dealing with challenging personalities, communicating status (good, bad, and in different), escalating tactics/styles, managing resources that may not directly report to you, and a few technical questions surrounding laws, regulations, and compliance.

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Have you developed incentive systems and what were the results?

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Employess of Company X all live in a particular area of a town relative to the business site. What process would you use to anlayze the viability of changing the traffic flow to accomodate those people.

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How will you change what we have been doing previously to improve the growth results we expect?

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How would you evaluate a process for a process improvement project?

Describe a challenging work situation that you had to deal with. What were the primary concerns? How did you respond? What was the outcome?

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