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What made you want to apply for our company?

They ask typical process driven questions

Mainly Leadership, Safety, and "What would you do" questions.

basic behavior tell me about a time you saw a co worker doing something unsafe, they ll ask what is he do not listen to intimidate you to change your answer but stay on note, they also added a scripted part to there interview you ordered a wrong part what would you do, then basic background

They asked me things about how I would handle different situations .

Mostly asked me questions about the type of people I work best with, past experience, future goals, and knowledge of position applied for.

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you can do a job faster however it violates company procedure, what do you do?

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tell us a time when you had a disagreement with your boss or coworker and how you handled it?

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If you could do 1 thing differently what would it be?

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