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Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years

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Leading a group or subgroup


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Why you prefer intel

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Q. Why do you want to work with Intel? Q. Explain a situation when you argued with a team-mate. Q. What are your responsibilities as an intern at XYZ company? Q. How does an Ion Implanter work from inside? Q. What motivates you in a job? Q. Explain this XYZ project on your resume. Q. Some CMOS process flow questions. Q. Tool troubleshooting questions.

One lighter rubber ball amongst the population of 8 balls. Given Roberval balance find the light weight ball in least possible attempts.

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Give an example of a time where you had to take a preventive action against things that hadn't gone wrong but could very soon do in the way you carried out your experiments.

Most of the interview was a conversation where I was trying to explain my projects. The key is to always tell the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. You may not do the same kind of research in the job but they are looking for good problem solvers, so always present yourself as a problem solver. Also, ask a lot of questions about the company.

Questions were to determine how you work with people, or how your thought process works. Nothing was pulling specific technical knowledge.

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All questions were about my research, so no really hard questions. It was more about a chat than questions. May be except for few behavioral questions (why Intel? why industry? how to deal with stress ? conflicts? etc). i had two quizzes that I tried to answer, he was more looking on the way of solving them not the solution. I even tried to criticize the solution he gave.

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