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If a patient sample is suppose to be incubated for 28 minutes but you have incubated the sample for 28 minutes and 5 seconds. What do you do?

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The role play is really easy. If you've ever had retail or customer service experience, you will be fine. If you haven't, talk to your friends who have to make sure that you understand sensitivity to client situations, problems, etc. The question that threw me off the most was something like: Using the STAR formation for your answer, talk about a time when a classmate didn't understand something and how you helped them.

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At Macy's, we do something called making "Magic" where, when you noticed a customer has just made a purchase, you congratulate them. Like if a woman has just purchased a dress, you say, 'You will look great in that dress.' Have you ever has an experience making "Magic" for somebody?

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Would you say that you are a team player? This position requires you to work in a team and work by yourself. Do you have these qualifications?

How do you think you'd be able to perform in this role?

Nothing specific, mostly asked about my skill set and what I would bring to the table.

Why do you want to work for Vanguard? How do you see yourself fitting in here?

Tell me about a time that you persuaded your supervisor (or a professor) to do something differently with a project. How did you go about that?

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