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Procter & Gamble Interviews /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

640 Interviews

3.3 Difficult

Goodwin Procter Interviews /  HQ: Boston, MA

15 Interviews

2.6 Average

Proctor Hospital Interviews /  HQ: Peoria, IL

2 Interviews

2.0 Easy

procter Interview Questions

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Tell me about yourself, do you have a family?

4 Answers

I refocused to talk more about myself, career path, goals and objectives.

Are they allowed to ask that?

Legally, no., which Is why I redirected my answer. They were very clever in their later questions to get me to disclose my family situation. It made me quite uncomfortable.

I was asked how technology could be used to help the company.

2 Answers

Tell me about a time when you worked in a team, but were not a team leader. How did you handle a conflict?

2 Answers

Tell me about a time when you were leading a project and failed.

2 Answers

With all you experience in wet lab biology why would you want to make bottles

1 Answer

What are your negative points?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when...

1 Answer

Tell me a time you reapplied someone else's innovation?

1 Answer

What is your career goals in short term (1-3 yrs) and long term (5+ yrs)?

1 Answer

Tell me about a problem you have had when working with another person?

1 Answer
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