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Health and Hospital Corporation
Administrative Coordinator/Proctor was asked...December 15, 2013

How can I handle a multi-task situation

1 Answers

Multi- task situations are based upon how did I plan my day the previous morning. I basically plan the day before so that my day will fall into a sequence. Surprise situations are then handled promptly w/o interrupting my daily task. Less


How would you troubleshoot the Computer?

2 Answers

We will get an option of troubleshoot near the error we have to click on that and have to follow the intructions give Less

As i have a computer at my home, I said i wl go through the Task manager and the who trouble shooting process Less

Proctor was asked...October 21, 2015

What type of Browser do you use, and why?

2 Answers

Google Chrome because it works best with flash player which is what are video program and parts of are system use, and for certain exams we have to use Fire Fox. Less

Google Chrome, because it provides the best option for speed and security.


what would you do if a student was being unreasonable

1 Answers

Try to calm them down and explain to them their options, and have another coworker get management Less


Show us how to test a webcam on this computer.

1 Answers

Google: test my webcam, went to one of the first sites to test it.


What are our 4 pillars?

1 Answers

Integrity service simplicity and fun

University of Houston System
Proctor was asked...October 11, 2016

Asked what days and time am I available

1 Answers

Do to the stress load of the midterms and finals. I would explain why I would be a great candidate for the company after I get through with my midterms and ask if that would be acceptable. Less

Utah Valley University

What do you think about cheating?

1 Answers

Cheating shouldn't be accepted. If a student is caught cheating then their teacher should be notified. Less


Hours I could work, past experience, goals at the company

1 Answers

20 hours per week, went over my resume


There were no difficult questions.

1 Answers

Not applicable.

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